Indiana Bicentennial

Greetings from the Indiana State Bicentennial book

We're glad you're investigating Indiana's Bicentennial, the celebration
 - and Indiana Bicentennial, the book.

There are four volumes in the Indiana Bicentennial series:

Indiana Bicentennial Volume 1 – The First Century (The Ice Age to 1896)

Indiana Bicentennial Volume 2 – The Second Century (1897-2015)

Indiana Bicentennial Volume 3 – Talented Hoosier in the Arts, Entertainment and Sports

Indiana Bicentennial Volume 4 – Appendices, Timeline, Bibliography and Places to visit

Indiana Bicentennial has won second place in the John Hampden Holliday  Prize from the Indiana Society of Pioneers. This "contest" was for the best Indiana history book published from 2010 to 2016. We thank them for the honor.
First and third places went to James H. Madison's Hoosiers: A New History of Indiana and to the classroom version of that same book. Recommended. 

Short essays are wonderful ways to increase knowledge in bite-sized pieces. Entertaining trivia, history, science, business, sports, and pop culture are the mainstays of the “bathroom reader” genre. The Indiana Bicentennial series of books may seem similar but it concentrates on the heritage of Indiana. They can, indeed, be read in small spurts and will sometimes amuse or amaze you.

It will also hopefully give you a sense of the times. The frontier had very different types of Hoosiers than did the times approaching the Civil War. Invention and mechanization in the 1880s changed the way everyone lived by the time World War I and the Depression come around. World War II saw many Hoosier heroes and the prosperous times afterward were made possible by inventors, politicians, and medical advances made in Indiana.

A lot of inventors include James Oliver's 45 plow patents and the group at Indiana University that found a faster way to make penicillin. Hoosiers also invented the bread toaster, cloud seeding, diabetic test strips, electric trailer brakes, exit door panic bars, fiberglass, four-cylinder engines, gin rummy, hybrid cars, Pampers,  plate glass, pneumatic tires, push button and transistor radios, push-reel lawnmowers, radar, roll-top and pigeon-hole desks, rotary air compressors, stannous floride, Stove Top Stuffing and Sudoku.

Politics, though doesn't seem to have changed much through the years. There have been fights in the statehouse involving rhetoric, slander, barricades and gunfire.

Please do contact us. We want to know what you think of our book. We especially want to know if there are errors or if you have information to add.

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Bob has written two other books: Hoosier Beer (co-authored with Derrick Morris) and Indiana Prohibition. Available at better book stores and at Amazon.

We also want to point you to another new Indiana history book - Louise Hillery's Bold Women in Indiana History (212 pages, $14) is available at Amazon and  at better book stores. Hillery talks in more depth about some women we've covered here: Kilsoquah, Mother Theodore Guerin, Sarah Bolton, Zerelda Wallace, Gene Stratton-Porter, the Overbeck Sisters, Madam C.J. Walker and Margaret Ringenberg. She also includes another four we've had to omit: Marie Bailly, Lillian Thomas Fox, Dorothy Buell and Vivian Carter.